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Mango Maiden is a book of romance fiction focusing on feel good erotica and sensuality from the female point of view

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Mango Maiden by Mai Loog

Mai Loog

Estonian writer and freelance journalist from Bangkok

The author of "Mango Maiden," Mai Loog, is an Estonian writer and freelance journalist living and working currently in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mai Loog got her Ph.D. in sociolinguistics at Tampere University, Finland.

"Mango Maiden" is her first fiction novel.

So far she has hundreds of articles and 6 non-fiction books published in Estonian, English and Finnish languages, first of these being a bestseller with over 30000 sold copies.

It is Esimene Eesti Slängi Sõnaraamat (First Estonian Slang Dictionary), published 1991. This book was followed by 5 other mainly non fiction books in English, Estonian and Finnish languages.

Latter of these semi autobiographical Minu Tai (My Thailand) 2008; has had 2 prints and still sold out. The book created some buzz in media because Mai Loog's ideas of Women as the Sex Subjects, which she also dared to act herself in different verbal, visual and audio projects available at noisehead and youtube. These are her topics in her first fiction book Mango Maiden. It explores the female feel-good erotica in the exotic surroundings.

You need to enjoy being feminine to the fullest and love to be sexy

Mango Maiden


"Mango Maiden" goes where no other book has been since Marayat Rollet-Andriane scandalized Bangkok with her erotic novel Emmanuelle about the city's high society more than a half century ago. Author Mai Loog is Marayat's modern match, offering an inside view of the sexual possibilities in Thailand through a woman's eyes and experiences." Colin Hastings, chief editor of "Big Chilli", Thailand's best known expat magazine.

"Mango Maiden" by Mai Loog is a book of romance fiction focusing on feel-good erotica and sensuality from the female point of view, the view where the women are the Sex Subjects (not the Objects even when they are sexy and the men desire them).

The cosmopolitan and urban lives of four feminine and empowered Caucasian minxes are followed in real space and time during the last nine months of 2004 in city of Bangkok, Thailand. Contrary to the popular belief that the white women do not have fun in Thailand, every angle of the lives of these mature career women imparts sensuality.

Feeling sexy is a core right of every woman

Other Works

My books, short stories, media

Esimene Eesti Slängi Sõnaraamat

The First Estonian Slang Dictionary. The content has unique structure as the words are all grouped under topics and the most popular one "Girl" starts the book. Best seller, sold over 30,000 copies. Sold out. Since 1995 on-line and growing by voluntary slang entries.

Kõik naised on jänkud

All Women are Bunnies by Mai Loog in philosophical addition Möte of newspaper Eesti Päevaleht 24 April 2009. My theory behind Mango Maiden.

Minu Tai

My Thailand. 2008. As a Blue-Black-White Bunny in an eternal summer. An autobiography of the author as an imaginary `Bunny Girl` in Bangkok 2004-2008 - introduction of the ideas behind Mango Maiden along with the overview of history, culture and social life of Thailand. The book created some buzz in media because Mai Loog's ideas of Women as the Sex Subjects, which she also dared to act herself in different verbal, visual and audio projects available at noisehead and youtube. Book sold out.

Shades of ’50s Bangkok in steamy new novel

Big Chilli, The Big Read 04/02/2013 by Colin Hastings. IT’S been more than five decades since the novel Emmanuelle shocked and scandalized Bangkok’s high society ---. Made later into a movie, these lurid memoirs and the still mysterious woman behind them changed forever the way people perceived Thailand ---. Hundreds of other books of erotic --- nature have appeared here over the years, of course, but none has been penned by a woman. This may well change, however, if an Estonian writer based in Bangkok can persuade a publisher that her novel ‘Mango Maiden’ has the potential to become another Emmanuelle or, better still, the current blockbuster ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’

Sex and the City: An interview with Bangkok’s 'Mango Maiden'

Interview in Coconuts Bangkok by Shane Danaher, April 27, 2013 SD: You mentioned something interesting earlier about drawing from these Chick-Lit tropes. Could you tell me a bit about that genre? Because I think it would help me situate the novel. ML: I don’t know about it either, because honestly, I’m not reading those books. But my background is in language and literature. I got my bachelor’s in literature and my PhD in linguistics. So I know the theory. I have other books published and maybe 1,000 articles published in Estonia SD: Wait, you have 1,000 articles published in Estonia? Like, scholarly articles? ML: All sorts. When I first moved here I was a foreign correspondent, so I wrote about the economy of Thailand and of Asia.

Tuul Tiibades

Co-author of the Description of EU standard advanced level Estonian language requirements for foreigners living in Estonia.

Tai - naeratuste maa

co author of "Thailand - Land of Smiles", 2005, travel book with personal twist on Thailand, its culture, geography, history and customs. Book sold out.

Nende sõnad, sõned

Gender related study of development of verbal skills of youth. I focused on three age groups, 10-, 14- and 18-years old boys and girls. I studied how their verbal skills develop and found that at age 10 they are similar, by age 14 the girls are at adults level while the boys are just marginally above what they were at age 10, by age 18 the boys reach and pass the girls in their use of words. This book along with "Studies of Estonian Slang in Tallinn" are two parts of my Ph.D. theses.

Mango süda on kõva

The Heart of Mango is Hard. My short story in Mango Maiden style on one dark night in Bangkok in compilation Night (“Öö”)

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